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Have you noticed that your refrigerator doesn’t seem to cool food as quickly as it used to? There are various reasons for this to happen, and the most obvious is that the refrigerator not being plugged in.

Yes, this is rather obvious and may seem a silly suggestion, but we suggest it. There are an alarming number of people in Austin, TX, who forget to plug in their refrigerator and call us complaining that their fridge isn’t working.

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However, don’t fret if your fridge is plugged in but doesn’t work. We at Red Apple Appliance Repair are a reliable and efficient appliance repair company you can depend on for all your appliance repair work.

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Our technicians at Red Apple Appliance Repair are trained and well-versed in all types of appliance repair, including refrigerator repair. You just have to give us a call, and our experts reach your Austin TX doorstep.

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