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An ice maker is one of the essential kitchen appliances in most Detroit, MI homes today. You need it for the ample supply of ice it gives to help you keep cool in the sweltering heat.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small, compact unit at home or if you have a more massive standalone machine. There is always the possibility of it running into problems when you need it the most.

Team of trained technicians

Don’t despair if this happens. We at Red Apple Appliance Repair have a team of technicians trained for all types of appliance repair, including ice maker repairs. In fact, with so many homes in Detroit, MI using ice machines, we can help at troubleshooting and repairing it for your everyday chill and comfort.

Just a call away

Why waste more time if you have a faulty ice maker? Give Red Apple Appliance Repair a call now, and our technicians will reach your home for your ice maker repair at the earliest.

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