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Having issues with your freezer? Is your favorite ice-cream melting from inadequate freezer temperatures? Do you have meat products stored in it that will spoil unless taken care of? If so, Red Apple Appliance Repair understands the urgency for freezer repair and prioritizes your issues to avoid any more problems. We will have one of our highly trained technicians be at your door within two hours from the time you call!

A common problem of freezers is thick frost build up on its walls which could decrease the efficiency of its unit. If you want to avoid the problem from escalating any further, then we suggest you manually defrost every so often. When frost accumulates, you have to take out all your food and clean up all the frost for the health of your freezer.

If you encounter any cooling problems or freezer repair issues call us now! Nothing is worse than seeing your food spoil because of slow response times. We have our customer service representatives ready to answer your calls round the clock. Call us at (877) 672-1565 and be ready to receive great service!

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