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We carry out quality gas appliance repairs in California and the surrounding areas!

Gas appliance repair is one of Red Apple Appliance Repair’s expertise since we started our company. Which in fact, we become one of the leading appliance repair companies specializing in the gas appliance. We are fully registered, bonded, and insured.

Red Apple Appliance Repair gas-safe technicians are fully screened and trained to work on any gas appliance repairs, including; gas hobs, gas cookers, gas range cookers, gas ovens, and more. They are still having regular training to keep up with the ever-changing requirements and standards.

The most common faults for a gas appliance are:

  • Burners won’t ignite
  • Flame too high or too low
  • Cannot control the flame
  • The flame goes out when you release the ignition button
  • Colour of the flame is different
  • Gas has been turned off

If you are experiencing any of the said issues with your gas appliance, contact us today for the fast, reliable service repair that only the professionals of Red Apple Appliance Repair can.

Give us a call at (877) 672-1565, or schedule your appointment online through our friendly customer service representatives that were available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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