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Experience the First-Rate Viking Appliance Repair in Irvine, CA, that we Offer!

Working in the kitchen can either be a blessed or cursed experience, depending on the kitchenware appliances that a home has. As one of the most frequently crowded and utilized areas in houses or restaurants, you can expect to find that the apparatuses inside are constantly running for hours on end.

Kitchenware appliances, like the Viking gas stove, are so essential that they make the work easier. From refrigerators to stoves and from ovens to ice machines, every single machine in the kitchen has a valuable role to play. Viking is a renowned brand that has been around for years and today. We will talk a bit about what makes them unique.

The Viking Brand of Innovation and Craftsmanship

Viking considers itself as one of the industry-leading innovators in kitchenware appliances. They are among the brands that set the American standard for contemporary and luxury kitchens. Their appliances cover everything from cooking, refrigeration, ventilation, and cleanup while delivering top-grade performances and sensational design.

One of the main reasons why Viking is considered a top contender in kitchenware appliances is their undying dedication. Despite being renowned in the business for decades now, they still have no plans of stopping. They still innovate and dream up ambitious functionalities and designs that truly push their brand beyond many boundaries.

Viking’s Many Innovations

Now, it’s one thing to make a name for yourself, get some well-deserved recognition, and then get a stable baseline of success. But with Viking, they don’t just stop with providing well-designed and powerful kitchenware appliances. They aim to innovate and improve their products continually. They’ve developed 50 brand-new award-winning merchandise.

Viking has also re-engineered 85% of its products (including the Viking electric range), enhancing their reliability and performance. Knowing that mistakes can be inevitable, they have integrated their re-engineered appliances with “Mistake-Proofing” wiring harness connectors to lessen possible instances of wire damages and malfunctions. To make their products more streamlined and neater, they have also taken out 32 stories worth of wires. You read that right, 32 stories of wires!

How Red Apple Appliance Repair can Help You with Your Viking Appliances

There is no question that Viking is genuinely a great brand. However, their products can still be vulnerable to damages that could later make them malfunction or break down. To prevent this, one must have a trustworthy repair service provider to fix and maintain their kitchen appliances’ optimal state. So, Red Apple Appliance Repair, where we come in!

Whether you are experiencing issues with your Viking fridge or any Viking appliance, we can fix them for you!

Here is a shortlist of the common problems we repair:

  • Water leaks in refrigerators
  • Electric element does not heat in your electric range
  • The oven door will not remain shut
  • The stove cannot accurately control the cooktop temperature
  • The burner for your range is noticeably weak

And more! So what are you waiting for? Contact us today, and we will bring back those Viking appliances to their best condition!

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